AIPIO is committed to delivering quality cost-effective educative, training and networking events for intelligence practitioners throughout Australia.  The annual event program includes major national events such as the Seminar, Conference and Forum, as well as many smaller regional events organised by our network of regional representatives where the emphasis is on networking at the local level. These representatives facilitate smaller events with an emphasis on networking, to engage members and promote the Institute at a local level, and to keep the AIPIO Board informed about regional perspectives.  

events calendar is designed to provide our Members and visitors to the site with information detailing AIPIO events and also those conducted by intelligence and related organisations.  If you know of an event that is not on the calendar and which may be of interest to our Members or t
o other intelligence practitioners then please contact our regional representatives or the Secretariat and we will review it for addition to the Events Calendar.

THURSDAY, 9 November 2017
Fraser Suites - Sydney

The Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers takes great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the
Intelligence Forum, the final event for Intelligence 2017, at the Fraser Suites Sydney on Thursday 9 November 2017.
The forum will bring together intelligence professionals from around Australia, the region and further afield and affords the opportunity
to establish new contacts, network with peers and share insights into today’s topics, trends and innovations in the
National Intelligence Community market.

AIPIO ( is the peak representative body for intelligence practitioners in Australia.
Our goal is to establish and promote intelligence as a widely recognised profession in Australia, and our membership
is drawn from a wide range of fields including government, national security, the armed forces, law enforcement,
business, academia, the media, information technology and information service providers. 

The forum program will incorporate sub-themes including:

In the information age, our practices remain human centred, relying on human relationships to ensure the right insights
flow to the right people at the right time. However, we must become more anticipatory and collaborative
in our approaches so that our social systems can keep pace with our technical systems. 

New intelligence systems and capabilities must be integrated to provide a ‘single pane of glass’
view of the operating environment, rather than proliferate silos.
Promising technologies include collaboration tools, analytics, visualisation, and cognitive computing. 

We must leverage extensive technological enablement of intelligence to help us move away
from familiar ways of working so as to be able to see, think, and act differently in the world.
We can improve productivity by handling numerous forms of data across multiple
lines of inquiry while linking different pieces of related information.

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Affiliated Non-AIPIO Events

Engaging in the eDiscovery process entails collecting and managing vast amounts of information and data - data with sensitive and high value information. Insiders can pose a significant risk of compromising your data, which can damage your company’s interests and reputation, resulting in significant financial losses.

Join our experts in this webinar as they address the vulnerabilities that you face during the eDiscovery process, the specific types of threats that insiders can present, and practical advice to prevent and address potential insider threats.

In this live, interactive webinar, you will learn:

The vulnerabilities in data and information management during eDiscovery
The risks of intentional or accidental compromise posed by insiders
Practical tips for detecting and deterring potential insider threats

Who would benefit most from attending this program?
C-suite level executives; in-house and outside counsel; any practitioners and litigation support professionals dealing with information governance and eDiscovery issues.


Description of photo here

Policing the Digital Crime of Today

Nuix is pleased to provide the following a webminar on the "Policing the Digital Crime of Today"

Investigators who are working with legacy digital forensic tools and faced with shrinking budgets often find it hard to see how they can keep up. Diverse file formats and devices, as well as growing volumes of data, mean that evidence is becoming more complex and traditional tools are struggling to keep up.

Here's your chance to watch, or re-watch our webinar with Paul Slater, our Director of Forensic Solutions and Troy Bettencourt, our Sales Engineer as they show you how you can work smarter, not harder, during a forensic investigation.

You will learn how to simplify, streamline and automate your workflows, analytics and review processes to help you deal with growing volumes of digital evidence and shrinking budgets.

The webinar is available here - 
Watch it on demand



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