Intelligence Research

As part of its contribution to the intelligence body of knowledge, AIPIO fosters intelligence-related research projects..... 

Collective Forecasting Competition
State-of the art forecasting techniques developed in recent years pool the collective forecasts of analysts in a structured, disciplined manner. Tools such as prediction markets and other collective forecasting tools have made their mark by being more reliable on average than those developed by individuals. During 2012, AIPIO partnered with Presciient to offer a Collective Forecasting Competition to expose intelligence practitioners to these emerging forecasting techniques. The Competition website is under construction at present.

Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counterterrorism (PICT) - Coming soon...
Centre of Excellence in Policing (CEPS) - Coming soon....
Charles Sturt University (CSU) - Coming soon....
Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Professional artistry as described by Schon (1982) provides a context in which we can understand just how outstanding professionals think in action, seemingly intuitively to produce optimal outcomes. Can outstanding analytical performance be described as professional artistry? An improved understanding of these facets will offer opportunities to enhance the training and professional development of intelligence analysts. This research utilises the construct ‘Professional Intelligence Judgment Artistry’ as a means to understand what separates an adequate analyst from an outstanding analyst. Further it demonstrates how professional artistry in intelligence analysis might allow us to develop more outstanding analysts and provide a more valuable intelligence product in the future. POC: Jeff Corkill, Lecturer Intelligence and Security, ECU; Email; Phone: +61 8 6304 5544; Fax: +61 8 6304 5144; and URL:

Key Stakeholders

AIPIO values the contribution of
key stakeholders in obtaining tangible benefits for members and advancing the profession of intelligence in Australia.  AIPIO has developed relationships with academia, like-minded professional bodies, government and industry in Australia and overseas.

Annual Awards Scheme

AIPIO Awards Scheme was introduced in 2005 to recognise individuals and organisations for excellence that contributes towards the intelligence profession in Australia.

The Scheme administered by the
AIPIO Board, offers awards in three categories: 

                                              Publication  |   Organisation   |  Individual

The award recipients are announced at AIPIO’s
annual conference and exhibition.

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